IMG_0303William Müller, DBA, MMC, CIPM

founded the company in 2011 after spending over 27 years in the health care industry managing and developing organizational talent while concurrently serving in the US ARMY Reserve.  He further refined his skills by teaching at local universities, educating MBA students in their core curriculum. Dr. Müller, as a scholar-practitioner, developed the company to address the needs of organizations to improve upon their management and strategy execution. Working with large, medium, and emerging firms, Bill’s foundational knowledge spans, business, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations.

Bill leads StrategyMedic with the objective to aid organizations to improve upon their performance and develop internal methodologies towards the sustainment of a competitive advantage.

Regardless if the firm uses; Mintzberg’s Emergent Strategy, Porters Five Forces (Industry Attractiveness) approach, Kim & Mauborgne’s  Blue Ocean, Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability (TBL or 3P’s), Wernerfelt’s Resource Based View (RBV), Prahalad’s Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP), or Reverse Globalization, StrategyMedic is knowledgeable in all approaches and can facilitate a firms strategy development, implementation, execution, and monitoring.