Strategy and Innovation:

This pillar applies strategy and innovation theory research to provide current and relevant knowledge and professional practices for global and diverse environments. Provides an assessment of organizations information needs for effective strategy and innovation and identifying, accessing, and collaborating on the appropriate sources of that information. Leverages accepted and emerging strategy and innovation theories and practices, structures, systems-thinking, leadership, and processes to bring effective change. Integrates data needed to support evidence-based strategy and innovation with emphasis on emerging trends and technological influences in a global environment. Demonstrates ethical, effective, and sustainable approaches to strategy and innovation.

Health Care and Clinical Research Informatics

This pillar provides multidisciplinary methodologies to improve healthcare services delivery, management and planning. Our project management method focuses on he resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in health and biomedicine. Clinical Research Informatics, a subfield of Health Care Informatics, places emphasis improve the efficiency of clinical research placing a critical review on program vendors core and distinct competencies to optimize clinical expenditures.

Competitive Intelligence:

This pillar assesses the information needs for a global business decision situation and identifies and accesses the appropriate sources for that information. Designs strategies for addressing business decisions using the appropriate analysis tools and approaches. Demonstrates the application of internal and external data needed to support evidence-based decision-making.

Management Development Training:

This pillar provides instruction on methodologies to understand the complex nuances of operating in a global environment. The Management Development Training (MDT) program provides a systemic approach to management leadership development — teaching the critical skills needed to ensure success. The MDT programs are designed to enable participants to explore the critical competencies such as; self-awareness, cognitive agility, organizational communication, and influence. The MDT program addresses the discipline of management to lead an organization to produce economic and social development along with savings and capital investment.