Management is the analytical process to control an organization, whether the organization is a business, not for profit, or governmental entity. Leaders must be good managers; however, managers are not necessarily good leaders.

The StrategyMedic Management Development Training methodology focuses on the effort of management development training leading to leadership.

Managing includes the primary activities of planning, organizing, leading and coordinating an organization’s resources (to include oneself). The traditional principles behind management include interaction with human beings. Management deals with the integration of people towards a common venture and is deeply embedded in culture. Management unifies organizational members behind common goals and shared values. Management must enable, empower, and encourage the enterprise and each and every member to grow and develop as needs and opportunities change. Business today is a knowledge society and focuses on leveraging capital as a force multiplier to the knowledge worker. Developing organizational talent to be successful in this emerging environment requires new methods for the engagement of members towards common personal and organizational goals.


Similar to strategy development and execution, Leadership is a continuous learning process.  Traditional leadership education addresses that application of a style or styles to resolve a challenge.  The StrategyMedic approach utilizes the Argyris & Schon (1974) double loop learning theory which promotes learning to change underlying values and assumptions. The following diagram explains it.


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