Today’s global environment requires business to compete both locally and globally (glocally). To do so, organizations need to be able to build and maintain their competitive advantage.  Operating in today’s global environment necessitates coordination through a network of organizational units or subunits.  Building a strategy for this environment accepts and adapts to institutional,  cultural, and market heterogeneity while simultaneously trying to capture economies and other advantages associated with leveraging scalability in in certain assets or processes.  The microfoundations of dynamic capabilities reside in difficult to imitate organizational-level innovation, change, and global sourcing.  An organizations dynamic capabilities need to include the capacity to calibrate uncertainty and coalign cospecialized assets.

Incorporating sustainability is inherent in the formulation of a distinctive competitive advantage. Research on organizational strategy can be compared to a pendulum that swings back and forth between the inside and the outside of the firm. The question organization face is “How do I build a distinctive competitive advantage?

Strategist can utilize either individual or multiple approaches to the formulation of a business strategy. StrategyMedic is versed in multiple strategy formulations.

StrategyMedic works with our customers to design, develop, and implement a solution, through the application of the ASIPE© Workflow Model, that best fits the culture of the organization.  Contact us to investigate how we can help you develop a sustainable competitive advantage.